3 Facts You Might Not Have Known About Limo Services


People who haven’t used a limo service, usually think about things they see in movies. They think that limos are only for the top 1%, or people who are good enough to spend a whole month’s salary in a single night. But who could blame them? The way limos are portrayed in movies and TV, makes them look luxury when in reality it can be used for many different things other than partying and proms and parties.

And they don’t cost that much either. You just have to be knowledgeable enough to spend money wisely when you hire a limo. If you live in or near East Lansing, MI, and are thinking about East Lansing limo service, you should know these things before you make a call.

Limos Aren’t Only for the Rich and/or Famous

We see celebrities and top business executives drive around with limos, often personal ones, and may think that they are the only ones who can ride limos because only they can afford them. But that’s not true at all. While it’s true that owning a limo will cost you a lot of money, hiring one is not that pricey. If you want to go sightseeing, you can hire a limo that can contain 8-12 people.

It will be able to take all of your group and you won’t have to worry about driving or knowing the road, because your professional chauffeur will take care of that. Don’t think it will be very costly, because it won’t be. Limo service providers compete with each other to give you the best deal at an affordable price, and if you share the price with your buddies, it will be even less.

Limos Are More than Just for Special Events

Lots of people think that limos can only be hired for special occasions. While there is some truth in it, it’s not entirely true. Sure, you can hire a limo for your prom or homecoming party, or bachelor/bachelorette’s party, etc. But you can hire a limo for other things, too. For example, if you go to a city you have never been to before, hiring a limo will be an excellent idea.

If you choose to hire a taxi, you may have to wait a long time, if you want to drive on your own, you may waste time. But if you hire a limo, you don’t have to worry about these things at all. Limos are also an excellent choice for airport service. If you go to your destination from the airport in a limo, not only will it make a good impression, you will also have time to relax inside the limo.

Limo Service Prices Are Competitive

You may think with the luxurious service limo provides, it will have incredibly higher prices than other modes of transportation but you will be surprised to find out that limo service prices are competitive with other modes of transportation. You can get quotes from limo providers, and for multiple passengers, the cost will be much reduced.


We hope we were able to clear at least some misconceptions about limo services. If you choose to use ‘East Lansing limousine service near me’, you should think about using it for the things mentioned above.


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