4 Amazing Upcycling Ideas


Are you familiar with the term upcycling or you are confusing it with recycling?

They are a pretty much same thing rather than the fact that upcycling is the makeover of unwanted items to get used again but without wasting any form of energy on their conversion from one form to another.

Most Creative Upcycling Ideas

The internet is bulging with DIY ideas that mostly accommodate upcycling tips. Other than a fantastic hobby, upcycling is cheap, convenient, creative, easy and above all, useful and sustainable – and junk removal West Austin services also love it as it reduces junk.

Here are the most fun and creative tips of all:

1. The Mason Jars

From vintage vases and DIY candles to the drinking glasses and receptacles for knickknacks, mason jars are the best item to get a hold on for upcycling. You can start with merely spraying them in beautiful colors and put flowers in them. Another option is to convert them into small storage containers to organize your messy dressing drawers or even in kitchen cabinets.

There is no boundary of getting versatile and creative with mason jars. Glue them with laces, glitters, twine and dollies and display them on your book shelve or on working table top as a pen holder. One of the brilliant ideas is to brighten your room by placing candles in them. What else you suggest to do with these mason jars?

2. Get Creative with Maps

Never heard of upcycling maps before? Well, if you are a geek/nerd like me, you have the best chance of personalizing your room using these maps. Instead than putting them in your closet so far enough that you won’t reach them ever for the rest of your life, bring them out in light and get creative. They can be used as a vintage or a traditional background for your picture frames. Moreover, what about using them as a decorative embellishment for your working table or a coffee table? Don’t forget to use an acrylic sealer for a more refined and finished look.

3. Using Empty Paint Cans

Like mason jars, the empty paint cans are also handy and can be upcycled to versatile items for daily use. From organizing barrels and beautiful displays to the potting plants and storage containers, there is no end to the creative ways in which they can be used. Either spray them with paint or glue wrapping paper, fabric, or other cool embellishments, or they are ready to be used.

4. Upcycle Old Books and Newspapers

You might not have ever thought of using old books and newspapers as one of the elegant ways of decorating your home interiors. They are inspiring décor item that is unique in its design, is a crafty and excellent addition to empty space on your walls.

Cover your vases and decorative centerpiece to create a perfectly customized decoration piece. A vessel covered with old book pages and holding the brightly colored flowers is so impressive and imaginatively refreshing than any other thing. You need to try and check out by yourself!

So, get on with your amazing upcycling ideas and if you have to deal with junk, you can always get help from a trash removal Austin company.


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