5 Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Site Needs an App


You will find it hard to find an e-commerce website that doesn’t have a mobile app for it. It’s not surprising, to be honest. People use their phones to browse the Internet much more than they use their laptops or desktop computers. And when they shop for something from an e-commerce site, they prefer using an app and not actually going to that website. Apps are easier to navigate and more convenient overall. This is why an ecommerce website with mobile app gets more traffic than an e-commerce website without an app. In this article, we describe the 5 main reasons why an e-commerce website with a mobile app has more benefits.

People Prefer Apps Over Browsers

As mentioned earlier, people who shop online prefer shopping from an app rather than a browser. This argument about apps versus browsers is nothing new and it has been proven over and over that more people prefer apps over browsers. And can you blame them? Apps are more convenient, faster. You will have more personalized content; your settings will be stored. We can go on and on and the list will be longer but you get the idea.

Apps Increase Customer Loyalty

When people use browsers to shop from a website, they can forget about it later but if they download the app for that website, it means they have real interest in that website and the app itself. They are already showing more investment in your brand while the site visitors usually go to the websites to find out details about something or to just look up contents. Also, if you have an app for your e-commerce website, you can include cool features like exclusive content, rewards system, push notification, personalization, etc. All of these will keep the customer coming back to the app.

Decreased Response Time

When people use the Internet, they want it to be fast. Now, how fast you will access a website or app will depend more on your Internet connection but it will also depend on which website or app you’re browsing. Browsers take more time to complete an action than apps do. This happens because apps store their data partially on a mobile device and they can retrieve data much faster than websites.

Better UX

How your website looks has a lot of impact on how much time a customer will spend on it. Take an e-commerce website and look how its website looks and how its app does. You will see that the app looks much better than the website. Mobile screens don’t allow irrelevant buttons and banners in your store’s layout and this will lead to a much better user experience for your customers.


In addition to the reasons we mentioned above, there are more reasons why an e-commerce website needs an app. Your customers will have a more conversion rate and they will feel connected to the app. According to all of the professionals from the reputed digital marketing companies in Saudi Arabia, an ecommerce website with mobile app is truly a custom retainer.


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