6 Cheapest Toyota Cars You Should Buy

    Toyota is one of the top most popular brand in the car manufacturing industry. They manufacture premium cars as well as budget cars to choose from. They have a variety of model in their cheap range lineup. Here are 6 cheapest Toyota cars that you will love to consider.


    Toyota is one of the top five automakers in the world. The company has produced and launched really good vehicles in terms of performance, reliability, comfort, and price as well. If you are looking for the cheapest car to buy new, this list will help you.

    1. Toyota Wigo

    Toyota Wigo

    Toyota Wigo that is also known as Toyota Ayga is one of the cheapest Toyota cars you can get these days. According to the experts, this car is more than perfect for new car buyers or those buying for the first time. Even this makes a cool choice for the people who have a limited budget. With its small size but a lot of exciting and amazing features, this makes a great small SUV and the tag of Toyota makes it more popular.

    2. Toyota Vios

    Toyota Vios

    Many people struggle to find the cheapest car to buy new but end up purchasing something that they don’t like a few months later. Toyota Vios is not only a cheaper car but big like expensive and sports many features that make it a really affordable choice. Over the years, Toyota has improved the features and its performance is now quite better than the previous models.

    3. Toyota Hilux

    Toyota Hilux

    This pickup truck that is also known as Toyota Revo is considered one of the finest, affordable and best pickup trucks in the world. There are many around too but what this vehicle offers can never found in any other vehicle. They are available in single and double-cabins. What makes it so popular is its reliability, comfort, nature as a pickup truck, great performance, stability on rough terrains and the affordable price tag. Its endurance tests prove it is just matchless when it comes to rough surfaces.

    4. Toyota Avanza

    Toyota Avanza

    This five-door MPV is perfect for a family. It is also considered an affordable car from Toyota and a special gift for its customers. It was introduced in 2008 and has now entered its second-generation models. You can do a lot with this car. With the seating capacity, it carries more persons than any other car. It also has a lot of space inside and that means you can use it for luggage.

    5. Toyota Yaris

    Toyota Yaris

    This car comes in the category between a subcompact vehicle and a sedan. The entry-level car has become a lot better over the years when it comes to pleasant driving experience and better utility.

    Moreover, it is now popular for reliable performance and good fuel economy. Also, coupled with standard Toyota Entune entertainment system, adequate driving experience, standard safety features, and easy parking maneuvering, it is a good choice.

    6. Toyota Corolla

    Toyota Corolla

    Everyone knows about Corolla and even the people who are not into cars. This is because this car is extremely popular and really common in all parts of the world. Corolla is also one of the cheapest cars to buy new and its popularity also shows how amazing, performance-oriented and affordable the car is. This was the car that made Toyota one of the best automakers and it is still Toyota’s best-selling car.

    Made your decision? Now it’s time to make your action. Go for looking in a best place to buy a new car.


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