8 Ways to Improve Customer Service in Your Hospital


Patient satisfaction and your healthcare reputation tend to go hand in hand. That’s why in order to achieve the optimum patient satisfaction, here are some tips to improve customer service in your hospital.

1. Communication Is the Key

The field of medicine is perhaps the only field in the world that requires a high level of counselling and inter personal communication skills. In order to improve the standard of customer service of your hospital, not only should you be diagnosing medical conditions and giving out treatment options, instead counsel the patients about their diseases, encourage questions related or not related to the disease or the hospital experience, reassure the patients that their concerns are not taken lightly. Perhaps start a medical blog that addresses common illnesses and first time questions to make the whole experience as smooth as possible.

2. Address Complaints Promptly

You cannot please everyone, especially old and frail patients with chronic diseases, but the least you can do is that if someone is constantly complaining about an issue related to the healthcare experience, then perhaps look into the matter and improve as much as you can.

3. Never Argue with Patients

The world of medicine is tough and you will be constantly bombarded with uncompliant and mentally challenged patients that will not be satisfied no matter what you do, but it’s important to understand the sufferings of the ill and practice kindness and patience when dealing with such patients. This will ultimately ease the patient and make further proceedings manageable.

4. Make Follow Up Calls

Whether it’s a simple phone call, or a quick email survey, making regular follow up calls can help us in inquiring about the patients recent visit experience and can help health care practitioners and staff in identifying loop holes and flaws within the system. This can further elevate the standard of your healthcare facility and ensure that your reputation stays intact.

5. Measure Feed Back

After receiving feedback from the patients, it’s important to preserve this information and forward it to the concerned department. Satisfaction management is integral in keeping the administrative setup of a hospital running smoothly. There is always room for improvement, and we need to have a system that lodges complaints and concerns ahead.

6. Good Manners Come a Long Way

Whether it’s having a close eye contact, a firm hand shake, some light humor and addressing concerns and queries promptly, good manners and courteous behavior towards a patient indeed goes a long way in building a strong rapport with the patient.

7. Use Better Tools

No matter if its customer service equipment and mobile tools or medical tools like DICOM viewer for Android, make sure they are working flawlessly.

Another benefit of using DICOM player free download is that medical data can be accessed anywhere where you are at the hospital or at home.

8. Appearances Make Longer Impressions

Whether it’s your staff desk, or the customer representative, ensure high levels of cleanliness and hygiene. The customer representatives should have a neat and clean appearance, making them appear professional. As far as the desk goes, ensure a clutter free and neat and clean place that encourages patients to ask and voice their concerns.


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