3 Things in Your House That Could Be Sold as Antiques


Over the years we acquire a lot of things in the house. Some we bought and others come in as gifts and then some are passed on from relatives and loved ones. What you don’t know about those old things is that they might be worth some moolah! How do I know? Well, I found it out the hard way. Gave away some things to people, threw away some old things as well. Only to find that they were being sold for a pretty penny in an antique store near my house.

So before you throw everything out it’s better to check what you have. See if they have some monetary value, and then have that spring cleaning that you really want. Here are some items that you might want to check before cleaning.

Vinyl Records

The hipster movement brought back vinyl into the mainstream once more. This time they have the effect of nostalgia and history attached to it. There are events like the Annual Record Sale Day where one can buy vinyl. In events like these, you will see hipsters, older people, and avid music enthusiasts line up to buy records. Although it is hard to exactly determine what your collection is worth, you can try to find out by judging the demand in the market.

Yes, there are records that sell for thousands of dollars but there are also records that have a valuation of 50p. However, eBay is a good place to judge the value of a product so you can check it out. For example, a 1956 self-titled Elvis Presley album goes for around 105 dollars, whereas Prince’s Purple Rain wrapped in shrink wrap goes for around 179 dollars. So make sure you check out the price of your records before doing anything with them.

Arcade Games

We all loved arcade games when we were young. And some of us still love them till this day. The old arcade game that you have gotten when you were young maybe worth something. If you are dragging the arcade game from one attic to another you should think about getting rid of it. Even if your game isn’t working it will fetch you some money. A non-working game goes for around 100-400 dollars on brick and mortar antique shops or online antique stores.

If you have a game that is working, then you can even sell them for 2500 dollars even. You can see titles starting from 600 and up. Games like asteroids are really popular and will fetch you about 1000 dollars or more even. Pong, a really old game has gained some momentum in popularity and the demand has skyrocketed. Right now if you want a Pong Arcade game it will cost you around 2000 dollars. So make sure you check the price of your arcade games as they are considered as antique memorabilia now.

Retro Shirts

Did you have shirts you couldn’t live without when you were a kid? Shirts from concerts or with album art? Or maybe a shirt with your favorite game when you were a kid? Well, those might be worth something right now. These sort of apparel is now all the rage within the population. People are looking for shirts that have nostalgic value nowadays.

A prince T-shirt can even fetch you 300 plus dollars or shirts with Mario Brothers game from the ’90s might get you 100 dollars or more. So go ahead and check their value on antique shops near you before you do anything else. Who knows, you might even find that you were wearing a little gem all along.

Check The Value of Everything

So here are the three things that you might have lying around the house that may be worth some money. With the widespread use of the internet now you can easily find the value of anything that you have. Things that you had previously might have increased in value because they are considered as antiques now. So, go ahead check everything before you decide to do anything. You might find that you are sitting on a small fortune.


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