Best Valentine’s Day Hairstyles You Will Fall in Love


The celebrations of Valentine’s Day come in different forms. Probably you’re going with your S.O. for all out for dinner, dancing, champagne, and more.

Maybe you have decided to maintain stuff low key—nestling with your beloved one at the favorite café. Perhaps this is all about feast with your love. Even you might be going to a wedding of the V-Day.

Regardless of how or what you plan to make the day memorable, some hairstyles are just right for you which you can get from any “black owned barbershop near me”. That’s why we’re going to present some special Valentine’s Day haircuts. So, take a look at these hairstyles before you look for top 5 barber shop Astoria or somewhere else.

Curled Side-swept Hair for Cozy Valentine’s Day

If you’re going to entertaining your loving one at home or calming after a day of snowboarding or skiing, this is indeed a sweet and romantic type of hairstyle. These side-swept, neat curls will not complete with the favorite cozy scarf or sweater.

They’ll bring a glossy finish to your look. Until drying, prepare your hair with a smoothing blowout cream, then use a round brush and blow dryer to create a full-looking blowout, particularly at the tip.

When dried, separate your hair into horizontal sections, beginning at the nape. Place your hair on hot rollers, to the sides and up to the top. It’s away from the top and sides of your profile.

Ombré Mermaid Waves for Romantic Valentine’s Day

It’ll give you a soft, wavy, flowing hair and a middle part with golden light-colored ombré highlights. You have essential hairstyling ingredients that require for a really romantic occasion with these.

Using a tiny curling iron or hair wand to achieve the look and start curling the hair at level with the cheekbone. With a heat, protection formula protects your hair and hair color from thermal disruption.

Instead of setting your curling iron to the optimum temperature, turn it down and work with smaller hair parts, too much heat will result in fading hair color.

Gentle Wavy Lob for Casual Valentine’s Day

While keeping stuff breezy and easy on this Valentine’s Day, why not get your bob or lob hairstyle to provide it with a spin? Undone, easy waves promote your hairstyle to the status of “it girl”.

Don’t make this hairstyle overdone. Only catch and wrap vertical pieces around a curling iron or style wand. Shift the lines; twist some forward and some backwards.

But, off your face, steer all the front parts. Mist it with dry shampoo until the hair cools to give shine and enhance beachy waves. Scrunch your hands through your hair. Finish with hairspray that is medium in place.

Soft Messy Bun for Busy Valentine’s Day

Lives don’t regularly stop for Valentine’s Day. But, it would help if you still got the children to school with clocking in at your work.

If you get a gently gathered, simple messy bun, it’ll get you throughout the day. Especially when you set aside a few flexible tendrils to casing your face, it’s a sexy, casual look.


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