Catering Services: Top 2 Catering Companies in Sydney


Anyone who grew up in or has visited Sydney will agree that it is one of the most visually stunning cities in the world. The city has a picturesque charm, and the warmth it radiates is exhilarating. If you are starting your vacation adventure, start with Sydney.  The unique flavour, the scenic vista and the fresh air wouldn’t be escaping your mind anytime soon once you visit Sydney.

Speaking of flavours, are you planning to cater an event in Sydney? Bear in mind that choosing a good catering service company isn’t easy. Your catering demands depend on the style and size of the event you are going to host. To ease it out for you, we have found out a few of the best catering services in Sydney-

Fresh Catering

Fresh Catering is best for larger occasions such as corporate events, weddings and business conventions. The company are preferred caterers across Sydney has served in venues like the Museum of Contemporary Art, Elizabeth Bay House, etc. They are proud to help you with high-quality food and top-class service. Once you and your clients taste the food, you’d fall in love with them. Do you need flower arrangements for your event? The provide florist too! They will designate their employees to coordinate the food and timing before the starting of the event.

For more private events, Fresh Catering will be there at your desired venue. Private events are more customisable in terms of food, drinks and decorations. The event management will readily help you out by offering their valuable suggestions and recommendations whenever you feel stuck or indecisive.  Whether it’s a black-tie dinner or a more laid back party, any style you prefer will be their utmost priority. They are dexterous at handling any event without any fuss. All these make them the perfect catering business candidate for any parties, anniversaries, wedding receptions, business lunches, etc.

Paella Amor

This is a rather impressive catering service. If you aren’t familiar with paella already, it is a Spanish dish made with rice, meat and spices. And Paella Amor got the name for the gorgeous paella dish they make. If you are looking forward to a paella based party or picnic, Paella Amor is your best suit. All the paellas they make are gluten and dairy-free. You can add any ingredients you like in your paella; there’s absolutely no boundary. You can also exclude any allergic elements from your paella.

The caterers cook paella in front of you and your guests, so you get to see what ingredients they put, how fresh they are etc. You also don’t need to supervise because the caterers’ job is to make sure you get the best food out of the pans! One thing you will really appreciate is the smell of the food when it’s being cooked. The pleasant aroma fills the air as well as your nostrils and creates a delicious atmosphere. You can ask the chefs questions as well when they are cooking for you and your guests. You don’t need to supply any equipment as the caterers will come prepared. In addition to paella, the company provide tapas (appetisers) and sangria for your guests as well. There are numerous tapas options to choose from. So, if your guests don’t fancy paella, tapas and sangria will be the perfect option for them.

If you are interested in hiring these services, check out their catering websites for caterers. These websites for catering offer all the information you require. You can reach out to them via these websites for further queries or have a chat on booking purposes.


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