Do You Need a Surfboard Traction Pad for Your Surfboard?


Traction pads for surfboards are intended to be stuck on the tail (head-end) of the surfboard to prevent the back foot from slipping off. Surfboard wax is an alternative to a friction pad for your surfboard. To stay on the board, you’ll need to use one or the other.

Trying to get into a surfboard without any traction pad or grip is like trying to walk on ice; you’re not going to stand on your feet. Instead of rolling around on the wave, you’ll be sliding off the surfboard.

Best surfboard traction pads are available in a wide range of colors. Still, they are all made of the same non-slip, water-resistant materials. The traction pads’ bumps, curves, grooves, and contours are all a matter of personal preference and comfort.

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Advantages of Surfboard Traction Pad

A surfboard grip pad has the following benefits:

You will never have to wax your surfboard again. There will be no molten wax all over the car or whatever in the blazing sun. There is no need for upkeep. The bumps last the whole life of the board, and the grips are very durable.

The kicktail, an elevated area at the back of the pad, will help keep your back foot from slipping too far back on the surfboard. For additional maneuverability in large waves and for critical turns, many surfers depend on the extra lifted kicktail.

Disadvantages of Surfboard Traction Pad

The positioning of the surfboard traction must be precise, as extracting the grip after it has set it can be a nightmare. Depending on how you get to your feet, the elevated back portion of traction pads, known as the kicktail, can cause stubbed toes.

How to Apply Traction Pads?

  • To apply surf traction pads, make sure your surfboard is clean and wax-free.
  • Start by laying out the grip and bringing it as far down the board’s back as possible. Some traction pads come in a single package, while others come in smaller pieces that you can arrange in whatever pattern you choose. Try to keep your grip as close to the leg line or leash plug as possible.
  • Of course, the end goal is to get the traction pad attached to your surfboard, where you’ll position your back foot.
  • Before getting your board out for a surf, most manufacturers recommend letting the grip dry for 24 hours.
  • Keep the grip pad next to the surfboard’s tail. It is not recommended to place surfboard pads along the entire length of your board. What is the reason for this? You will develop a terrible rash all over your chest if you surf without a wetsuit or rash-guard. Experienced surfers are well aware of this, and if you arrive at the beach with your surfboard wrapped in grip, you might find yourself a topic of jokes!

It’s a personal preference whether you need surf traction pads or surfboard wax. You’ll need one or the other. A traction pad can have additional push-back and grip, which many surfers swear by.


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