How to Clean the Outside of Your House?


Spring cleaning is the time when you go all out with deep cleaning your entire house. Sometimes, we tend to forget the exterior of the house, which is just as important to clean as the inside. So, on your questions: how do you clean the outside of your house, here are some effective ways by which you can pull it off.

1. Pressure Wash Your House

This tip will make the exterior walls of your house look spotless. Pressure cleaning mainly involves the use of a high pressure narrow nozzle, which emits water at a high speed and it removes all kinds of dirt and debris from the small crevices and cracks of the walls. The only downside when it comes to pressure washing your house, is that it can weaken the walls, if your walls are made of wood. It can make the wood soft and liable to bending and forming molds. So, the best thing to do is to pressure wash in a hot and dry climate, so that all of the moisture can be instantly absorbed.

2. Clean the Outside of the Windows

This tip can also make a huge difference. Cleaning the window screens and frames can make the windows look more neat and vivid. If you leave the window screens as they are, they can collect dirt and dust over time, which doesn’t look appealing.

3. Clean the Patio

The patio, being an open space, can collect dirt very easily. So, cleaning it is also very important. A patio is a great outdoor space for family dinners and get-togethers, so keeping it clean is a must. A patio doesn’t require much, you just need to wash the floors and dust off the tables and chairs. Small cleaning here and there, will make a huge difference.

4. Don’t Forget the Driveway

The driveway also needs some attention. Now is the time for those minor repairs you have been putting off for so long. If the road leading to the driveway is not in good condition, then you can get it fixed. Fixing the walls of the driveway and the garage door is also important. Driveway and sidewalks should also be looked after and repaired, if needed. While you’re at it, removing any unwanted grass or weeds from the sidewalk can also make your house look cleaner.

5. Work from Down to Up

A very important tip, when it comes to cleaning or washing your walls, is to always angle your hose at a downward angle. This will ensure that no extra moisture penetrate in your walls, and this will also help you to clean your walls effectively.  It is also important to mention that you should work in small sections at a time. Working in increments will make sure that your walls are cleaned rapidly, and you won’t get water all over yourself.


When you put so much effort into cleaning the inside of your house, then why not the outside? Make your house look spotless this spring. That’s from us. How do you clean the outside of your house? Or how to clean your living room in 10 minutes? Let us know in the comments.


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