How to Edit PDF Like a Pro?


1. Edit PDF Online

You may know that you can open and read PDFs online, but you can also edit them via internet too. You need to go to an online PDF editing site or even add a plugin to your browser. Once you have opened the site or the plugin, you can easily upload your PDF file there with a simple drag and drop motion. It will then open your document and you can see all the editing functionalities for modification. It is simple and easy with a simple hover of the mouse over the text you want to modify. Moreover, you can convert your file to other formats too. Just search ‘how to convert PDF to Word free’ and you’ll get good options.

2. Combining Multiple Files into Single PDF

A time-saving tip for editing or creating a PDF file is that you can combine several files into a single PDF file. Sometimes you need certain parts of one file and some parts of another so you can select those section and merge them into one. This makes editing easy and quick. The process isn’t as hard but the rate at which it combines may depend upon the amount of data to be combined. You can search the term.

3. Annotation Tools

The annotation is very important for someone who uses PDFs constantly. They know how important they can be to highlight a certain point or line that can save a lot of hassle. You can edit an existing PDF by adding comments, highlighting texts, changing the color of highlighted text for color coding, basic markups like bold, italic, underlining and strikethrough. These are all part of the annotation you can use for editing a PDF for your own or another author if they have enabled the option. This feature is also helpful if you have to send a report and highlight or underline something that needs some attention.

Another way you can use the strikethrough is when reviewing, you may want to cut out some parts so using the strikethrough can inform the author to edit the PDF. All of these can be used in many other ways to your imagination.

4. Adding Images

When your written work is done, adding pictures can add graphical pleasure to the PDF document. You can easily add images to your PDF files to add much more interest to your document. PDF editors like Adobe Acrobat let you do this with ease. Click on Add Images for a wide variety of image editing options.

5. Pencil and Shapes

The tool pencil is used just like you would use a real pencil on a real document; to point out or write. Same is the electronic pencil here. It is used to point, write and it’s easy to use. However, it requires a little bit of sturdy and steady hand to write. It takes a little bit of practice before you can perfect it. If you aren’t a pencil type of person then there is an option of adding shapes to your PDF for editing. You can circle the concerning matter, add arrows and use all the shapes according to your needs like double arrows, stars, diamond, rectangle, square, oval and triangle. It makes the editing much more versatile.

Again, if you are searching for something like ‘how to convert PDF to Word free’, you can use online converts as they are free and do the job perfectly.


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