Low Maintenance Haircuts That Are Trending Right Now


Make your haircut trendy and law maintenance. Before you cut your hair, think which will be easy for maintaining and looks excellent. Here are low-maintenance hairstyles for you which you can get from the barbershop Astoria.

So, before you visit Astoria barbers or some other barbershop, learn a bit more about low maintenance haircuts that are trending right now.

A Pixie Haircut

Moreover, your hair may remain damage. That’s why you want to get rid of the damage. For this, you need to take proper care of the hair. Also, the pixie cut will be an excellent addition for you. However, it will give you a great look. Your hair will seem like healthy and pretty.

Los Angeles and Matrix Artists say, after the pixie haircut, you need to maintain it. For this, you have to trim the hair every six weeks. If you get this haircut, you can save a lot of time. Because of the haircut, you can make different types of hairstyles within a short time.

The hair experts say this hairstyle is low maintenance and not difficult to style in different ways. When it grows, it looks beautiful. This might be best if you visited the salon every 2 to 3 months for the trim.

A Bob Haircut

If you think of cutting your hair, you can go with a bob haircut. It adjusts for all types of hair and gives a classy look. A bob cut works for wavy or curly hair, thick or fine hair. Also, there is a difference in a bob cut for your hair.

The hairstylist Jessica offers many smooth and sharp bob cut with bangs. If the hair looks curly, you need to straight the bob to get a better result. Jessica also says curly hair needs more moisture, but other hair type does not need this.

Before styling the curly hair, they apply moisturizing cream and smoothing cream. Boston salon hairstylist and Matrix hairstylist says the successful bob cut can make the experienced stylist.

A Shag Haircut

Since 1970 a shag haircut was popular. But at this time, it becomes popular again, and everyone likes it. This haircut suits for a round face. Also, this haircut is suitable for straight and curly hair as well. It is low-maintenance as well. You can make a variety of trendy styles for this hair cut.

This is very easy to make and does not need much time or effort to style the hair. Plus, for styling, the hair applies lightweight hair cream or foam. Just squeeze your hair up and left the other hair to air dry naturally.    

Invisible Layers

Though, the invisible layer cut is best for medium length hair. If you apply this haircut, your hair will grow beautifully. Also, you will not need any haircut for a long time.

Hair expert Dilek says this haircut does not have any straight lines. Besides, the layer looks invisible; you while growing, you will not notice it much. However, you will never feel like that the haircut is an emergency for your hair.

Still, you will love the hairstyle. Sometimes you may feel like to dye the hair like pastel color, color melts, or balayage. This haircut is perfect for dyeing. Finally, the haircut will look great for this kind of hair color.


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