Some Foods That Are Not Suitable for Your Cat’s Health


Many people like a cat as a pet. But your love for the pet will depend on what you do to care for them. The best part of having a cat is it is a lovely creation of God. Well, your caring best part is how you are feeding the cat.

Well, different pets will need different types of food. Also, you need to provide it in a perfect quantity. Here you will know about some bad foods that you should not feed the cat. It can risk your cat’s health. So, before you look for pet collars harnesses & leashes, let’s check it out for more.

Raw Potato

As you know, potato is the most common vegetable all over the world. You will find a potato in every house as food. Some people feed potato to the cat. This is not good for a cat.

Raw potato is the worst thing for your cat. It can create some major health issue for your cat. Even it may harm the digestive process of the cat. So, it would help if you never fed potato to the cat.

Raw Egg

However, the egg is the best health food. But, a raw egg is not good for the cat. If you feed raw egg to your cat, then it can create some serious health problems.

On the other hand, if you feed cooked egg, then you can avoid all these problems. Never feed the cat any raw egg. Well, if you want to feed the egg, and then make sure it is well cooked.


Though chocolate has many benefits, it is not the same for the dog or cat. If you feed chocolate to the cat, then many problems may occur. Like seizures, high heart rate, rapid breathing, vomiting and many more things. So, try to avoid feeding chocolate to your pet.

Dairy Products

Of course, dairy foods are not easy to digest. So, it won’t be good for the cat as well. But milk is the best food for the cat. The lactose content is the bad worst side of any dairy product.

Even, it is difficult for a cat to digest any dairy food. If the cat is taking the dairy products regularly, it might create a problematic health issue. So, you should try to avoid such kind of foods.


Surely, all cats love fish. Cats are the real fish lover. But as you have a cat, you should know that tuna is not good for the cat’s health. It will harm your cat’s health badly.

Well, you can feed a small amount of tuna fish. But is you increase the amount, it will be harmful. Tuna fish has Mercury and unsaturated fats; all these are not for cat’s health. But, if you are feeding tuna fish to the cat, then stay careful about it.

Dog Food

Do not just depend on the dog food. Is it good for the cat? Well, the answer will be no. the cat needs vitamins and protein. That you can’t just find from dog’s food, so, find out the proper food for the cat.

Besides feeding, you need to take proper care of your pet. You should do pet grooming if needed. In this case, you can look for affordable pet grooming.


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