Telstra Mobile Phone Deals


You’ll find an early bloomer in every junior football competition that towers over the other kids. In the same way, Telstra is the bloomer of the Australian Telco that’s in the top of the competition with many aspects. These include, it has scored more users than any other carriers of the country with the highest coverage records. It’s true it was a government entity one time, but its foundation has been built by the public money. So, it’s giving an infrastructural advantage and gets maintained throughout the years. Besides, other big two operators have invested millions of dollars to develop their networks, but they’re not near this one to get the reputation of making the best network. It’s the reason that it’s the first and only choice for the people who live here.

Know Details of It’s the Carrier

It offers the largest network coverage across the country and it’s first to invest in the latest techs. This is the one that makes it available and does anything to make sure its faster network. The only flip-side of this one is that it always takes more money from its customers than any other providers. If we compare with others then you’ll find it at all the time more expensive. Or, it offers less significant value at the price that others offer much more to their users. It means that you’ll get fewer amounts of things than other operators give at the same prices that this one provides.

Strong Points of the Carrier

Well, let’s get a comparison of its strong and weak points of this operator. Strong Points are below:

  • It comes with impressive coverage that covers up to 99% areas of the country.
  • You’ll get some full range of handset from your desired big brands.
  • It comes with the first and fastest 4G coverage in the country.
  • You’ll get the advantage of using Data-free music of Apple.
  • It comes with no contract SIM Only mobile phone plans Australia that can be a good value for you.

Weak Points of the Carrier

Now, let’s know some weak points:

  • It takes the highest charges for the most plans that can make your wallet weep.
  • You’ll find that it’s all postpaid plans don’t come with limitless options
  • Its overseas packs are expensive and confusing.

Telstra Mobile’s Special Plans

Well, let’s know about some special of Telstra mobile phone deals are below:

Telstra Air

As a Telstra user, you can get the access of the public Wi-Fi network. You’ll not a lot of return of your money with this plan, but you can save some data if you use it regularly.

Cheap Event Cinemas tickets

You can get benefits of Thanks plan as a Telstra user because it’s part of all its phone and internet plans. Apart from these, it comes with a lot of bonuses and freebies, for example, cheap sports and pre-sale tickets to concert and sports events. And of course, you’ll be able to get cinema movie tickets at a discounted rate that you can buy every single day.


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