The Most Excellent Streaming Apps for Your Kids


It looks like a brilliant idea on the surface. YouTube is home to video material of all sorts of quality. So, a devoted, age-appropriate version for kids sounds fantastic.

And with a host of parental controls, however, YouTube Kids is also fraught with content problems. YouTube Kids is flooded with dreadful content, whether it’s conspiracy videos or disturbing images. That’s not shocking, though.

Trying to police YouTube videos with 10 hours of video posted per second is like trying to slow the water flowing out of a fire hydrant. Well, let’s know the streaming apps before you look for “baby personal care products.”

PBS Kids (age group 3 and up)

When my son needs to watch something on a smartphone or phone, the PBS Kids app is my favorite choice. It’s available on Apple, iOS, and Kindle Burn, so on any smartphone, you take out of the home, you should be able to use it.

The app has designed so that children can comfortably access it, beyond being a protected room content-wise. In addition to a wealth of on-demand shows, the app provides a live feed of everything on the air at the moment.

There are also the likes of Daniel Tiger, Curious George, Clifford, Mr. Rogers, and Sesame Street. And the app provides both Chromecast and Airplay streaming (under adult guidance, of course) if you want to beam the stuff to a bigger computer. The best

 Part of it: it’s online.

Amazon FreeTime (age group 3 and up)

Amazon’s choice is fantastic, especially if you own the Kindle Fire tablet kid edition. It’s a monthly subscription of $2.99 (on top of Prime), but it allows you access to over 20,000 popular applications, sports, films, books, and Audible books.

The likes of PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney, and more also have educational content. And you get a year of FreeTime included when you order one of the tablets.

FreeTime reaches beyond the standard app for streaming. There are features such as locking videos and games before instructional targets are met — e.g., items such as reading time.

Netflix Kids (age group 3 and up)

It’s real that Netflix has a lot of excellent content for if you’re conservative. Relatively healthy is the designated Kids site, where you can set an age level on individual accounts. However, to make sure it’s age-acceptable, you’ll want to keep watch on what’s popping up there.

The first row of material is characters, but instead of having to make them “read” rows of screen title cards, you and your child can look for what they want to watch. Trolls, Walking Tom, Mega Why! Super Why! All here are PJ Masks and other common names.

DisneyNOW (age group 4 and up)

Disney is undoubtedly getting in on the streaming action that is kid-friendly. DisneyNOW has Disney Channel, Disney XD and Radio Disney content on sale.

There is material from Disney Junior for younger audiences. Your child will choose “favorites” based on a set of character thumbnails when you first sign up.

Shows are organized in a Netflix-style picture map, so finding what you’re after is easy. There’s also a range of sports, originals from Disney Channel, and access to whatever’s actually on live TV — just like PBS Kids.

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