Things to Know About the Cost of a New PACS Solution


The range of most PACS seven to ten years is a maximum useful life on average. You want to begin allowing for the budget for your new PACS if you’re near that age. When it was ’00 vintage, a PACS was too expensive. That means it was available just exclusively for your facility with a definite storage amount.

You might have bought your PAC from the same modality provider or some other companies. They have their brand names that have made you comfortable and you found your decision very smart. And the world of medical imaging has been changed while you purchased a HIS RIS and PACS systems.

But, before you go through the purchasing process, it’s important to know many things. These include the price of a PACS and “what is PACS server”. Below we’re just sharing the information about a PACS price.

Cost of A PACS: The Old Aged One

The first important thing is that you should understand what has distorted before we go to some other points. Also, you should understand how your new PACS can improve your practice’s efficiency while saving money as well. In recent years, things have changed significantly.

Cloud storage has become a trustworthy element of most up to date computing infrastructures during these years. The data storage price has decreased significantly compared to the years it was first to come. For example, the cost of TB storage was about $1240 in 2006, but that’s just about $20 these days.

Likewise, the cost of image viewing apps has broken their barrier of $1000 with improved features and functionalities. Considerable things are that you’re remaining on-site and on the web linked with other computers.

You might have invested a large amount of money to get a PACS that’s almost six digits. Because it comes with radiological terminals, some of them are still heavy, fat, and the technology of cathode rays.

The Whole Thing Has Changed

These days, a PACS is a very different and very complete animal while it has developed from its previous ancestor. When it comes to the on-site systems, it has the hardware, use their shelf apps. Also, you can configure them to connect with any modality of a vendor.

Since they’re largely cloud-based, they enable you to get the flexibility to use your images at any time and from anywhere. You just need to ensure one thing that you have a stable internet connection, that’s all. Another best thing about the cloud-based PACS is that you can share your studies with specialists and even with your patients.

Final Thought About The Cost Of A PACS

Based on some variables like your practice size, required integration, and studies or volume, pricing may vary. For example, if you practice about 1000 studies per month, it’ll cost no more than $10,000 with an annual support and maintenance fees of $2000. Also, the prices vary depending on the vendors and many more things as per your needs.


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