What Are the Common Issues for The Conveyor Belt?


There are many possible issues of not working your conveyor belt. For example, the belt might stop working because of lots of ramifications in the whole system.

It may fail both productivity and money when the entire operating system has thrown the schedule off. You have to put a close view on the exact workings of the conveyor belt drive rollers to avoid these issues.

Also, you can keep watching continuously and ensuring on the belts. This is how you can identify any issues before they enlarge into the biggest issues that need more time and more money as well to fix.

It’s because mistakes may happen despite being very careful about the whole system. This is why we’re going to share some issues that happen with the conveyer belt.

Very Regular Conveyor Belt Issues You May Find

It’s almost impossible to make a complete list of the entire system’s issues. It’s because they may happen frequently or not and may come in unique ways. This is significant to be familiar with ways to fix difficulties when they unavoidably happen.

The below issues will lend a hand you continue your conveyor belts working smoothly. Likewise, it’ll help you to prevent them from going down because of preventable issues. Well, below is a list of very regular issues you may experience.

Belt Mistracking

It happens when your conveyer has an issue with the tracking of its belt. This is a process of aligning and managing the belt on the right path. So, it’s very important to make sure its smoother function and output.

Then, mistracking is when anything goes wrong like its track. In many cases, it indicates that its belt has glided from one side to another one. Also, the whole system has moved beyond alignment. When tracks get missed, it may get some negative results.

Moreover, it can make the whole system get off its particular course. Besides, it may simply cause irregular belt wear. As a result, it can be the reason for the entire host of some other issues.

Belt Slipping

The belts of your conveyor rely on an exact balance of tens on to go through the correct way. When there are lots of very little amount of tension, it starts to be awry. It may result in a slip of your conveyer’s belt.

In simple words, sometimes the head elevator may break down or becomes excessively worn. In this time, there will not remain enough tension to prevent the belt from slipping around. When the tension is a bit loose, it may be the cause of unexpected stretching of the belt.


Transporting things smoothly from one place to another is the main use of the conveyer belt. Even there might be a complex system of conveying.

What just makes sense is when it gets any issue somewhere in the route regarding linear motion, the whole system of conveying stops working. Also, the blockage may happen because of getting caught somewhere in the route.


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